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40th Anniversary Reprint

Spinning with a Drop Spindle

Spinning with a Drop Spindle cover
Learn how to spin wool yarn. Starting with a fleece.
Drew with a fleece 17 illustrations There are 17 clear illustrations to show a beginning spinner just what to do. The New York Times used illustrations from this book for their article on spinning.

ISBN 978-0-9600572-3-8

24 pages, softcover
Spinning with a Drop Spindle sells for $5.95, U.S. shipping $1.50. (California residents must add 8.5% tax.)
40th Anniversary Reprint


Knitter's Weaving Book cover
pages from the Knitter's Weaving  Book For those of you who love running fibers through your fingers -- knitters and spinners -- this book gives you a simple way to expand your pleasure. Weaving on a light-weight, portable loom-board fits right in with your tactile delights.

You can combine your woven pieces with your knitting. Imagine a stretchy soft cuff knitted right on to your woven jacket sleeve, or a woven vest with a knitted back.

Knitters understand working in sections, and loom-board weaving fits this approach. You can create shaped woven sections just as you create sweater sleeves and backs and fronts.

A large weaving loom is big and bulky. However, using a loom-board means you can carry your project with you.

We are not talking about those commercial, rigid pin-weaving frames that are so confining. We are talking about weaving curves and other special shapes.

You can make your own loom-board in an afternoon using materials you probably have at home right now.

Just about any type of yarn can be woven on a loom-board -- from bulky slubby yarns through gossamer threads; handspuns to chenille, and eyelash yarns. You determine how closely or far apart to string your warp. Try some Woven mittens with knitted cuffs

mittens Checked Knit-Weave Beret Click on the checked beret for a FREE project pattern

ISBN 978-0-913664-92-6

8.5" x 11", 40 pages, softcover


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